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Relatable is an initiative by three people looking to make a difference, looking to break free from the orthodox and routine lives that we’re all forced into, trying to find some possible way to enter the street which so few ever attain access to in their entire lifetime. That extremely narrow street where people get the chance to do what they love, not bound by the stereotypes created by society, not drowned by the need to fulfil the expectations of those around them, and not chained by the fear of what the future would bring.

The idea behind thatsrelatable.com isn’t something insanely unusual. In fact, it might be the most insanely simple thing that cyberspace can use right now. So, here’s how it works, think of this website as a stage that lets you give voice to what the inner you…the real you, truly feels about…well, anything. And, there’s no restriction as to which medium you have to use to get your message through. Because, unlike the education boards currently controlling people’s minds, we at Relatable feel, that a 6 mark question can be solved using a zillion different methods and people’s wings that let them discover these new methods and help them express these ideas in unimaginably creative manners are their most valuable asset and no one, I mean no one…no authority, relative, neighbour or friend has the right to try to scare people into believing otherwise.

You have a way with words, want to write, but something’s holding you back from posting it for the world to see all by yourself? Send it to us, post it with us! You already have attempted to make some noise over the internet with your ideas earlier, but didn’t get the response that you think it deserves? Write it to us, and we’ll give the idea a bigger stage.

Words aren’t your way of speaking your heart out? You’re a B-FAB? (Born From A Boom-box. I’m assuming you’ve watched Step Up 3) Dance it out! Send your moves to us, whatever be the message in your dance, we’ll put it out there for the world to see.

Or leave even that, you want to sing your message to the world? Present it through a short film? Make some noise in the streets with a Nukkad Natak? Create computer programs that make people think about what they’re doing with their life? Want to hold interactive sessions that help everyone involved, serve a greater cause? Or any way that you can possibly imagine!

And the best part is, you don’t need to have the implementation of your idea completely figured out. You can contact us with even the smallest bit of the idea and we’ll work with you, to accomplish it. (Say, for instance, you just have a theme for a Nukkad natak you want to do, or a movie you want to create, all you have to do is contact Relatable, and done. You’re a part of the team. We work on your idea, together. We shoot the movie, together. We even act in the Nukkad Natak, if you want…! Truth is, we’d do anything to bring the idea you have into spotlight. And, it’s not because of you. It’s because of the fact that we will, by then, have reached a common ground. We’d both want to make a difference. And, it’s always about the idea. Because ideas, Mr/s. are bulletproof. They survive long after the flesh and bones turn to ashes!)

Bottom line is, you want to say something that makes a difference? We make it our sole purpose to get it to a stage where it is heard!


Relatable Team.

Our Team

Parth|The Techie

Hello there! At Relatable, I handle almost anything that starts with ‘qwerty,’ in the past few weeks, I’ve been writing two kinds of things, my 12th *bored* examination answers, and the codes for this website, and I’m pretty sure you already know which one of them makes me believe that I’ve done something worthwhile. I jumped aboard the Relatable ship in the blink of an eye, because I believed in the strength of the sails of this idea. So, we’re all set on this voyage, not afraid of the unknown. Because, hey! What’s life without a little adventure? This one’s ours, and we’re gonna make it Relatable!

Sagar Binjola|The Maverick

I think of myself as the crazy, unorthodox 18 year old college dropout that’s always looking to make people believe in the strength of their dreams. Always trying to make sure that people know that their eccentricity is the one thing that sets them apart from the rest, and always attempting to add gasoline to the flame that is trying to survive inside people’s hearts (the flame that’s lit by the passions running at a million miles a second, waiting to be chased). The idea behind this website is another one of those attempts. I hope that it changes, if not many, at least one life!

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Sunny Singh (The Scintillator)

Think of me as an average guy who is always in search of simplest possible ways around the most complex problems, this approach has helped me get everything I’ve wished for, except marks in examinations (But then, I’m not sure if I ever really wished for it!). If there’s one thing I can state with certainty, it is that, the greats who left a trail, were not born different, they chose to be so, and the question is why can’t everyone? thatsrelatable.com is our attempt to inspire people to not, not go for the road less travelled by.

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